Your home is the place you probably take the most pride in and is a reflection of you.  Let our attention to detail make it look better than new and capture your personality and individuality.  It really is amazing how one can feel so much more at home when the colour on their walls is in sync with there uniqueness.  

We take the time to properly prepare your home for a new paint job that, when done right can give you years of enjoyment.  Protecting personal belongings such as furniture and any treasures you may have picked up along the way is always a number one priority.  Let us give you peace of mind.

What we do

Weather it be big or small we treat it with the same care and attention.  Protecting the investment you have made in your home from the elements is a great way to make sure it lasts for years to come.  The Yukon tends to throw all kinds of weather at us.  Painting the exterior of you home not only makes it look great, it protects the siding from the deterioration that occurs all too quickly when left unattended.  This is why we treat this job with great heed.  No details go unnoticed or unaddressed and your satisfaction is again our number one priority.


We are not your standard painting company.  The benchmarks that we have set for customer service, quality work, and total commitment to our craft is the reason for all of our customer’s satisfaction.  We pride our selves on doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well and consistently.  

Differentiating yourself in a competitive market can be a difficult task.  We always go the extra mile to ensure we thoroughly understand our customer’s needs prior to starting any job and double check once we have completed everything, that all of their expectations have been met.


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